(Photo Courtesy of iPhone 5) 🙂

Have you ever picked up a camera and immediately felt excited as you look through the lens?

Every time I do, my stomach has butterflies and I feel anxious to capture the shot? Then I cant wait to view the photo again so my clients can enjoy the memory just created?

I truly enjoy capturing those moments and making them apart of my past through a snap of the shutter. Wether the moments are big or small it can always be a visual memory as well as a “mental photo”.

Nothing is greater than looking at a photo that can take you back to that particular happy moment in time. Like a song or a smell that can instantly remind you of a moment in time… Snapping that shutter creates those instant replays. Ones that can be shared with others for a lifetime.

My family and friends would tell you, I am always the one with the camera in my hand! So I decided, why not take my passion further.. I love Photography and enjoy sharing my work with others!

I hope you enjoy the memories I have created and have yet to create.

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