Gender Reveal Shoot Next Week

Boy or Girl?So, I have these friends who have been trying to have a baby for a very long time…. Our cousin moved into our neighborhood about three streets away and they have some of the coolest neighbors.  We have become friends with some of his neighbors and this is how we came to meet Mr. & Mrs. B!

They are the nicest people with such kind hearts and deserve nothing but the best.

When I found out they were trying to get pregnant I was told about their blog which I immediately started following. I read the entire blog in 2 hours… Zoned, and amazed at all of their trials and tribulations they have overcome.

Shortly there after I got word that they were pregnant!!!

Immediately I thought wow, I want to offer my services to them in any way possible.  I contacted Mrs. B and offered to do a gender reveal shoot.  Of course she was ecstatic and said yes…. I cant wait to shoot this special time of their lives.

When I asked for her ideas on shooting she came back with some amazing plans, which I expected nothing less 🙂

Their gender reveal ultrasound is scheduled for next Friday March 8th and they have requested that the technician not reveal the gender, instead she will put the secret in an envelope which will be delivered to me prior to the session….

What a fun and exciting shoot this will be.

Check back soon for photos and details…..

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